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about us

Leader In The Innovative, Design, Quality

Nest Bau Tech is an international developing and manufacturing group, bringing design and comfort to your outdoor living experience. We believe that gardens can be enjoyed all year round with our products.

We will keep on bringing innovative products to the market to improve your outdoor experience.


Nest Bau Tech brings the latest designs and technology to your home by following the latest trends. Materials, technologies, concepts, and designs are constantly being tested and improved.


Nest Bau Tech is market leader in the designing and developing products for making your outdoor areas beautiful and accessible all year round. We believe in creating intelligent and quality designs that are strong and ascetically pleasing for your and ascetically pleasing for your home.


Nest Bau Tech takes pride in quality of it’s products. With every Nest Bau Tech product you are assured that only long lasting quality materials and workmanship is used.