N100 NestBau Tech Self Supporting Canopy System

NestBau Tech Self Supporting Canopy System will give any entrance an uncomplicated, graceful look. With the use of tempered laminated glass you can add a range of glass colors, textures, and special effects not available with typical monolithic glass.

This complements and enhances the design of any builging. Self supporting aluminium profile, holds the glass with a special fitting which comes with profile. Connector rods are not requited and you can install numerous profiles to extend the canopy in desired length.

Unbreakable special glass,
even if broken, doesn't
disintegrate and carries itself

Mount the aluminium profile
with appropriate fastening
material to the wall.

Fit the edge protection
rubber onto the glass and
then insert the glass into the
aluminium profile.

Align the glass panel and
Secure it with glass fixing